entourage / internet connect

Hi everybody.
I’m new to applescript, but can’t find any easy reading on the subject to help me get started. I’m trying to create a script that will connect to the internet, then launch entourage and do a send and receive all. Any ideas?

I don’t need a script for this. If I click the send receive button, Entourage X initiates a dialup automatically if I’m not already connected.

d4d is right, as long as your account has “save password in my keychain” - send and or receive should dial up for you. And, send and receive (separate schedule selections now) can both be scheduled on a timed or repeating basis or executed on startup. So, essentially, all you have to do is launch Entourage.

Here is some more information for your scripting endeavors.

To activate (launch or bring to frontmost) Entourage

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
end tell

Or, if you want it to open when you boot up - go to the system preferences and click on accounts, then click on startup items. Add Entourage to yours.

To execute a schedule via script

tell application "Microsoft Entourage" to execute schedule "name of schedule"

To quit Entourage

tell application "Microsoft Entourage" to quit

*I find it is useful to do the following though so you don’t try to quit whilst Entourage is doing something and end up with a dialog.
To quit Entourage waiting for Entourage to idle

tell application "Microsoft Entourage" 
repeat until not (connection in progress)
set foo to "fee"--do nothing until entourage is idle
end repeat 
end tell