Entourage - Send/Receive Inbox only

I’ve done some searching in these forums and the interwebs but cant seem to find what I’m looking for. I’ve checked the library and even tries automator and script recorder to no avail. Enough whining heres the issue:

I have a user that gets A LOT of email (note the caps). When this user goes offline for any amount of time the email queues up (on the exchange server). When they reconnect Entourage 2008 proceeds through all the mail in the subfolders of the inbox reconciling them first.
What I would like is to script Entourage that either upon opening, or when the script is called upon, to cancel any existing send/receive and only update the Inbox (top level) so they can receive new mail while the rest of the folder sync in the background. Easy right? :wink:

I’ve found that a Command hyphen period cancels a send/receive (is there a script command to do this), and a right click on the inbox gives the option to synchronize now, but that seems to sync the subfolders as well.

Any help that could be provided would be awesome!
This user is on a Macbook Pro and also uses a Macbook. OSX 10.5.2

Being not an Exchange specialist, I assume from your post that Exchange has a certain inbox hierarchy by itself (that Entourage somehow conforms to).
I guess that makes it difficult to script the client side of things, as that hierarchy is either not known or accessible in Entourage by Applescript before it receives those items (its dictionary has no parameters in its receive command)

However, if Entourage dispatches received mail into subfolders by rules, that might be controllable by Applescript.
But even then, such script should be triggered on the basis of a top-level complete status, whose detection will need more consideration.

So what how, when and where is the Entourage inbox hierarchy derived…?
The same for Exchange?

Thank you for your response!

The heirarchy under the inbox is created by the user. He has many folders he uses to organize messages after reading them. None of the messages are moved using rules. However as this is an exchange environment, the rule would run server side, before it was sent to outlook.

What I would like a script to do is:

When entourage opens, cancel/suspend any pending or in process send/receive

Have entrourage only receive new messages

  • and not syncronize and message moves, deletes, etc the user may have done offline

After new messages are received, reconcile remaining messages as normal.

Is this possible?
I cannot find any good documentation on send/receive scripting for entourage 2008