eppc: remote access isn't allowed

I’m trying to use the eppc: protocol and am having a bunch of problems.

the most recent one is that i keep getting “Finder (or application whatever) got an error: Remote Access Isn’t Allowed.”

The funny thing is that SOMETIMES it works and sometimes it doesn’t. when it doesn’t a restart is required it seems to get it to work again.

There may be a point when I’m trying a bad password or IP, and that attempt seems to get “stuck”, maybe on the keychain. So what I want to know is, if there is an error, is there a way to get the whole “system” to reset and try from scratch?

Also, in another semi-related problem, if I try to use the local address, ie: “eppc://computer.local” rather than “eppc://”, then script editor consistently crashes as does the application I’m building in AS Studio.

Finally, does anyone know if you can use “username:password@eppc://IP” to try to bypass the login errors?


edit: the studio app is crashing anyway most of the time when I try to use eppc://. (with sigbus 10 error). I have already deleted keychain files from both computers in question and the .plist as well for keychain access, and re-entered keys, but this does not solve the issue.

DNS or Bonjour is not resolving the address correctly or you have a problem with your physical network.

Occasionally I switch from internal DNS (private address space) to external DNS addresses. The -905 error pops up when I have forgotten to switch it back to the internal DNS for private LAN resolution.

As for the App crashing when using an IP address, you likely need to run fsck in single user mode to clean up the file system on the hard drive. Do a Google search for AppleJack (available from sourceforge) … it’s a wrapper script that does all the system maintenance automagically when you boot into single user mode (Command + S). It will take care of fixing permissions as well as clearing out the cache files.