Error -10829 ...


The Script Editor returned an -10829 error while executing a script. This forum and the AS language ressource on Apple’s web site does not have any information on this error.

Maybe one of you could have an idea ? Thanks in advance.


Launch Services Reference describes error -10829 as

Hope it helps.

For what it is worth, to find this I did a grep -R ‘<10829>’ /Developer/ADC\ Reference\ Library/documentation/ (search the Developer Tools documentation) on my machine and saw /Developer/ADC Reference Library/documentation/Carbon/Reference/LaunchServicesReference/Reference/reference.html among the results. I then ran “apple launch services documentaion” through Google to find an Internet accessible version of that documentation. The second link in the results from Google was the one I wanted (I could tell because the tail of the file path and the tail of the URL matched).

What a dig … Thank you. I will see what I get with that information.