error dialogs in IE mess up my script

Is there a way that i can detect when IE has an error??, i.e. at the moment i have been cunning and used extra suites to bounce my mouse around the screen clicking buttons and so on, but if IE throughs an error dialog then it spins out the mouse movements.

Is there a way that i can detect it, as said before and stop the script???

help, cheers

It depends on what is causing the error. If it’s something related to the AppleScript, this might help. If it’s caused by one of the button clicks, I don’t know how to deal with it (JavaScript maybe?).

	-- do stuff
on error
	return -- stop execution
	-- do something else if desired
end try

no i have all the try catches and it still causes errors.

It isn’t the script, very sure, what happens is the IE seems to lose connection, i get things like

[website] could not be loaded

if you know what i mean.

I think it might be, but not to sure, the fact that in the office, we have a hub distibuting our internet, i was told at uni that hubs/switches aren’t all that good, as it shares the net using timesharing, and a router dosen’t.

Could it be that the hub skips me, or i’m doing to much for my allotted slot??? ← if this is the case.

Would a router help me, that is the error losing connection i think.

Networking isn’t anything that I can offer advice about. My experience is limited to a 2 computer home network which took only several minutes to set up.

ok, cheers for the help all the same.