Error: DND type is not supported by this tool (telDNDTypeNotSupp:-10024) in Script Debugger but not Script Editor. Error is not "Google-able"

When I run a script in Script Debugger I get an error, Error: DND type is not supported by this tool (telDNDTypeNotSupp:-10024), while running it in Script Editor works as expected. Searching for this error returned 0 results, so this post can work as a reference for other people bumping into it in the future.

The code where it happens:

	tell application "Google Chrome"
		make new window with properties {mode:"normal"}
		set newTab to make new tab with properties {URL:"chrome-extension://bkdgflcldnnnapblkhphbgpggdiikppg/dashboard/html/browser.html"}

I am not sure what DND (not DNS) is?

The extension I am opening is DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials.

Drag and drop. I suppose. No idea where that error comes from, though.

The specified class can’t be an element of the specified container, such as when attempting to make or duplicate an object.

Your “make new tab” should be targeted to the window.

tell application “Google Chrome”
make new window
tell front window
make new tab
end tell
end tell

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In case it ever comes up in a Trivia question, error telDNDTypeNotSupp -10024 is from the Telephone Manager, from pre-Cocoa days. The ‘DND’ stands for “Do Not Disturb” and the various supported types included “Internal” and “External” do not disturb messages.

In the context of the OP’s error message, it is clearly a red herring. In MacErrors.h it is defined as:
errAECantPutThatThere = -10024; /* in make new, duplicate, etc. class can't be an element of container
which led to the solution in my previous post.