Error messages when opening a script ...


I started to get error message with a script I have been working on for a while. I would need help understand where to start with these (all translated from French):

First message: «Impossible to tranform “0.0” in number type» followed by a new button I never saw ###Untranslated###

Second message: Opening a dictionnary. Impossible to read the application’s dictionnary or the extension is not scriptable.

and finaly, the third: The document “applet.rsrc” cannot be opened. The Script Editor cannot open files in «Document» format.

I am puzzled with these messages. The only thing I would suspect would be the migration of the scripts to a new Intel machine running Snow Leopard 10.6.2 followed by a return to my previous G5 running Tiger …

Or, I just thought of this one, could it be because the script was modified in the SL version of the Script Editor (2.3) and that now I am trying to edit it with version 2.1.1 ???

Can somebody help me where to start ? Thanks in advance.


What file format are the Tiger scripts?


I suspect the script is a Carbon Application which is discontinued in Snow Leopard.
Resave those scripts on Tiger as Application Bundle or Compiled Script (Data Fork)

I thought the problem was saving as an application bundle.

Got this one … The script was compiled by the new Snow Leopard ScriptEditor and then opened with the Tiger version. My error …


Update … Found the problem … I moved a script that has been compiled by the new version 2.3 of Snow Leopard’s ScriptEditor and runned on my Tiger machine.