Error reading channel list from eyeTV 4


I’m trying to read the information from the channels of eyeTV 4.0.0 (8524) on Mojave. When reading the channel number there is always an error. In the scriptdebugger channel number is displayed. Reading the name of the channel works. There is no error when compiling the script.

tell application "EyeTV"
	do shell script "/bin/sleep 2" -- wait until eyeTV is active
	set myChannelList to channels
	set myFirstChannelNumber to channel number of item 1 of myChannelList  -- ERROR
end tell

Event Log:
get channel number of channel 1
Error: no such object (e.g. specifier asked for the 3rd, but there are only 2) (errAENoSuchObject:-1728)

What’s going wrong here? Any suggestion?

Thanks Berthold