Error type 102 problems

Hi there,

I’ve written a script that works with Quark 5, basically the script opens any docs, dropped on it, in Quark and saves the document as Quark 4.

A few of the documents have generated an error message, the error reads ‘An error of type 102 has occured’. Please can anyone tell me what causes this error? Is there a problem with my script, I’m working on a Mac running OS9.2? When the script generates the error and I click on ‘edit’ this line of code is highlighted ‘open theitem remap fonts no use doc prefs yes’, is the error being generated because the file can’t be opened?

Here’s the script:-

on open (someitems)
	tell application "QuarkXPressª"
		repeat with theitem in someitems
			open theitem remap fonts no use doc prefs yes
			save document 1 in alias theitem version vers 40
			close document 1
		end repeat
	end tell
end open

Can anyone tell me how I can modify the script so it works with files in nested folders?

Thanks in advance.