i have some quenstions!

I had this error what does it mean/ or can I do about it??
nsreceiverevaluationscript error: 4
It happens when I try to use this script:
click button “Vervang”

And then who can I find out what the name is of some keys when using keystroke:
i know keystroke return
and keystroke tab
but how can i do keystrok “arrow down”

Greetings Zebdaag

You’ll have to tell us more than that.

Try this:

key code 123 -- Left
key code 124 -- Right
key code 125 -- Down
key code 126 -- Up

-- or.
keystroke (ASCII character 28) -- Left
keystroke (ASCII character 29) -- Right
keystroke (ASCII character 30) -- Up
keystroke (ASCII character 31) -- Down

You can use ASCIISeek X to determine the ascii code of any key on the keyboard


Model: G4 (Digital Audio) 1.4 GHz (GigaDesigns) 768 MB RAM
AppleScript: 2.0 (v43.1)
Browser: Safari 312
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

I’ve gotten that error a bunch, and I don’t know exactly what it means, but it’s usually when I try doing something with a UI element that the script doesn’t recognize. In your example, make sure that the button is where you think it is. It could be nested in other UI elements, like windows, outlines, etc.