Eudora and the "start notifying" command

Does anyone have any experience using the Eudora applescript commands: “start notifying”,”stop notifying”, and “notice”? I’ve been trying to use these commands in scripts, but I keep getting an error message.
Specifically, when the following is executed,

tell application "Eudora"
	start notifying application "eudora notify test 2"
end tell

I get the error message,

“eudora notify test 2” is a script application I have set up to receive the apple events from Eudora.
I’m running under OS 9.2.2, Applescript 1.8.3, and Eudora 5.1.1.

Has anyone had any success with these commands? I can’t figure out how to get this to work. I don’t even understand the meaning of the error message.

It sounds like you might benefit from eunotice, by John Delacour. JD is an expert when it comes to scripting Eudora.

– Rob

I already knew about eunotice. It looks like it is written for OS X. Unfortunatley it seems that the syntax for the commands in the OS X version of Eudora is different. It also looks like eunotice uses parts of the applescript language new to OS X, which adds to the confusion.
I tried to use the Eudora commands exactly as written in eunotice but got a “some parameter wasn’t understood” error.

I’m beginning to wonder whether the “start notifying” command even works for my version of Eudora.

I contacted JD regarding eunotice and here’s his reply (he doesn’t care to use the BBS to reply). I can’t offer much on this topic because I use eunotice to avoid learning the underlying code. :stuck_out_tongue:

– Rob

Thanks for contacting John Delacour. Unfortunately, using the start notifying command as he does in eunotice doesn’t work for me. When I execute the following in a script,

set f to path to me
tell application "Eudora" to start notifying f when mail sent

I get a “some parameter wasn’t understood” error. I get the same error if I set f to an alias pointing to another script.

I’m investigating whether this is a problem specific to my version of Eudora.