Every item of popup menu?

How would I get this as a list? Also, how could I add to the list and then send the list back to the popup menu?

Model: iMac Intel Core Duo 17"
Browser: Firefox
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)


I hope I understood what you want to do and can help you with them.

The popup menu list is actually a list to begin with or should be a list to begin with especially if there are several items in it. A list is simply a convenient form to begin with so that you can easily plug the items into the popup menu list using the “make menu item…” command in a repeat block. Therefore, you have that information to begin with in your script and you need not extract them from the popup list. BTW, I haven’t tried extracting what you referred to as “every item of popup menu” and haven’t checked if there is an appropriate command to do it directly but there should be a workaround if not so.

As regards adding items into the menu list, all you have to do is again use the “make menu item” command and have it inserted at the end of the menu item list of your popup menu. You can also remove items using the “delete menu item” command. These two commands are all you need to dynamically change the content of the popup menu list.

Good luck!

archseed :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll try that!