Excel 2004 scripting help

Hello all,

Having been a stupid person, I upgraded to excel 2004 from excel X, and of course, my daily script is broken, and doesn’t appear to function at all. I’m rewriting my scripts (laborious, but doable), but can’t seem to figure out how to insert a new row.

The closest command that I can see is:
tell application “Microsoft Excel”
select row 1
insert into range
end tell

which doesn’t work, because there needs to be some mention of what range to insert. I tried some permutations to get it to work, but no go.

anyone have more luck than me? i sure hope so. I also hope that a 2004.1 version comes out with better AS support, too…

You can try the following

tell application “Microsoft Excel”
insert into range range “1:1” shift shift down
end tell

Hot diggety dog! Thanks- worked like a charm!

Is there a good location for examples of all of these commands? Maybe not just for MS products, either.