Excel 2008 edit cell to change from alpha to numeric

I need to import a table where the numbers have $ prefixes into a spreadsheet .
However, the prefix results in each cell being treated as alpha rather than numeric so any reference to it is invalid.
Is there a way to create an applescript to edit each cell in the table to remove the $ sign [either as a group or individually] ?

You could use this on the imported data

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	set bigRange to range "B1:F18"
	repeat with i from 1 to count of columns of bigRange
		set dataRange to get (column i of bigRange)
		text to columns dataRange destination dataRange data type delimited text qualifier text qualifier double quote field info {1, 1} with tab without semicolon, comma, space and use other
	end repeat
end tell

You could import to a new sheet and clear the $ sign,then use that and delete sheet

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	clear formats range "a1:z100"
end tell