Excel 2008 to count shaded rows in red

Anyone know how to do a count of shaded rows in the pattern shaded red. There’s gotta be a simple way to count shaded rows in a certain color.

I modified this but am missing some script tp make it work

tell application
"Microsoft Excel"
   open DocPath
   set TargetRange to document row of the active sheet
   set AfterRow to row "1" in the active sheet
   set FoundRange to find TargetRange what "" after AfterRow look in values look at whole search direction search next
   set rowIdx to first row index of FoundRange
   set colIdx to first column index of FoundRange
   set foo to get address FoundRange
   set the formula of FoundRange to "The row index I found is " & rowIdx & " and the column index is " & colIdx & " and the address is " & foo
end tell

I’m not real familiar with Excel2008 (or 2007) but there is probably a spreadsheet formula solution involving the new color sensitive functions.
You might post this question at http://www.mrexcel.com/ and you should get a solution.