Excel 2016 SAVE AS CSV

Can anyone help me figure out why this Applescript no longer works in Excel 2016? The script works fine without any issues in Excel 2011. The script opens an Excel file, deletes a column and removes any “,” or “;” from the Excel file and then saves it as a CSV file. The issue I’m running into in Excel 2016 is the last piece to save it as a CSV file after the manipulation. Nothing is saved and I don’t get any errors.

set theWorkbookFile to choose file with prompt "Please select the XLS file" of type {"xls", "xlt"} #Only display file type of .xls

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	open theWorkbookFile #open the xls file
	set theWorksheetname to name of worksheet 1 of active workbook
	set theWorksheet to worksheet 1 of active workbook
	activate object theWorksheet
	tell application "System Events" to set visible of process "Microsoft Excel" to false
	#Remove the first column
	tell theWorksheet
		delete range column 1 shift shift to left
			##remove any "," and ";" from the product description and replace it with a " " instead.
			replace (range "B:B" of worksheet "Sheet1") what "," replacement " "
			replace (range "B:B" of worksheet "Sheet1") what ";" replacement " "
		end try
	end tell
	#Set the temp csv file to the name of of the Excel sheet followed by -TMP.csv
	set theFile to theWorksheetname & "-TMP" & ".csv" as text
	save as theWorksheet filename theFile file format CSV file format with overwrite #save the file in csv format and overwrite if it exist
	close active workbook saving no #close the csv file without prompting user to save again
end tell

Hi there,

This is a snippet of code I use for saving out an XLSX file and CSV from the open worksheet/workbook.
This works for me in Excel 2011 however it’s untested in 2016.

set targetFolder to (path to desktop)
		tell active sheet
			save in ((targetFolder as text) & NameToSaveAs) --as XLSX
			save in ((targetFolder as text) & NameToSaveAsCSV) as CSV Windows file format
		end tell

It’s slightly different to your code, you may want to give it a try.