Excel: ExtendSeries (or: how to append chart data)

In Excel X (pre-2004), you could easily append data to an existing chart using:

ExtendSeries of every Series of ActiveChart RowOrCol xlColumns Source myRange

Where myRange was the new range to append to a chart (in my case, a row of data).

This functionality seems to be gone in Excel 2008. So unless there is a similar feature with a different name, here’s what I need to be able to do:

I have a script that monitors free space use on a server over time, and writes it to an Excel spreadsheet. The first worksheet has all the data, with each row the data from the last run of the script (nightly). On the second sheet (a “chart sheet”) is a line chart showing the data.

What the script does, at it’s most basic, is add a new row of data, then append that data to the pre-existing chart, every night. ExtendSeries was handy because it kept the custom chart formatting (colors, range limits, etc.) intact and simply re-drew the chart with the extra data.

I originally had problems using methods that re-generate the entire chart nightly because I couldn’t get the format the way I wanted. I it was easier to format it once by hand, and ExtendSeries would add data to it without messing-up the visuals.

Any ideas how to do this with Excel 2008?