Excel - Find 2 cells and select all cells in between to copy

I actually have 2 questions,

First, I have a about 20 rows and 6 columns of data with the first COLUMN containing the row headers. The table is starts about 15 rows down from the top. I wrote a “Find” script to locate the first row and I then used a “get offset” to locate the first cell in the last column. Now I want to start at this cell and copy all the data in this last column without including the empty cells above it (so I can’t use get entire column). I can locate the last cell in the column but I don’t know how to include all the data in between. Any ideas?

Second, Is there a way to convert the column index number in to the corresponding Column letter?

Perhaps this will help sort out the last column issue.

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	set firstColTopCell to range "A4"
	set firstColBottomCell to range "A8"
	set lastColTopCell to range "H4"
	set rowCount to (first row index of firstColBottomCell) - (first row index of firstColTopCell) + 1
	set firstColumnData to get resize firstColTopCell row size rowCount
	set lastColumnData to intersect range1 (entire row of firstColumnData) range2 (entire column of lastColTopCell)
	-- range "[Book1.xls]Sheet1!$H$4:$H$8" of application "Microsoft Excel"
end tell

Given the number of a column, this will return the letter representing that column, e.g. 2 >> “B” 28 >> “AB”

tell application "Microsoft Excel"
	set columnNumber to 29
	set columnAddress to (get address of column columnNumber without column absolute)
	characters 1 thru ((length of columnAddress) div 2) of columnAddress as string
end tell

Thank you. Exactly what I needed.