Excel 'find' query...

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a quick query regarding a ‘find’ in Excel.
Having had a look at the Excel Applescript Guide am I correct in thinking you can’t tell Excel to find an exact match?

For example, if I have the value ‘abc1234’ in a cell, and I script Excel to find ‘bc’, it will find it in ‘abc1234’.
Is there a way to tell Excel to be specific and not match part of the value in a cell?

Thanks in advance.


I’d see if the look at part/whole clause fits the bill. :slight_smile:

Hi McUsrII,

Thanks for the help, that’s just what I was looking for.
I’ll try reading a little slower next time!


It beats me that another technique, could be to check the returned result, when there aren’t such options available as the Excel find command.

And you are not the only one that reads too fast at times. :lol: