Excel question - identify rows and copy to another workbook

I have a weekly CSV file that I have imported into Excel. Each row of the weekly file needs to be copied from that weekly worksheet to a multi-sheet workbook where I keep historical data, one worksheet for each item I’m tracking.

I need to do a couple things:

First, I’d like the script to check the first cell in each row of the weekly data for a keyword that corresponds to a worksheet name in the historical workbook and if there is not a worksheet with that name, create a new worksheet with the name of the keyword.

Second, I’d like the script to look at a date code in the third cell of each row of the weekly data and compare the date code in the last row of each worksheet in the historical data.

Then, if the date is correct (ie., the historical worksheet’s last row date is not equal to this week’s date) copy each row of the weekly data to the corresponding historical worksheet (using the keywords) in the historical workbook.

Not very familiar, yet, with Applescript. Can anyone point to some similar code or provide some advice as to where/how to start down this path?