Excel script and dialog boxes

The folowing script works pretty cool but when i copy the stuff to the clipboard at the end when i close the doc there is a dialog box that pops up and asks if i want to keep the info on the clipboard – which of course i do so how do i get it to ignore that dialog?

set the_file to choose file with prompt “choose pricelist file”

tell application “Microsoft Excel”
tell Application “System Events”
set visible of process “Microsoft Excel” to false
end tell
end try
Open (the_file as text)
CopyObject ActiveSheet“Export Newsletter Products - Li”
CopyObject Sheet “Export Newsletter Products - Li”
Select Range “C1:C2”
Select Range “C1:C2,C5:C9”
Activate Range “R1C5”
Select Range “C1:C2,C5:C9,C11”
Activate Range “R1C11”
Delete Selection Shift xlToLeft
Select Range “C4”
set NumberFormat of Selection to “$#,##0
Select Range “C1”
Cut Selection
Select Range “C4”
Insert Selection Shift xlToRight
Select Range “R1C1”
Sort Selection Key1 Range “R2C1” Order1 xlAscending Header xlGuess OrderCustom 1 Orientation xlTopToBottom without MatchCase
Select Range “C1:C4”
CopyObject Selection
set my_copy to the clipboard
Close ActiveWorkbook without saving
Close ActiveWorkbook without saving
end tell

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written by Jonathan Nathan

How about clearing the clipboard, closing the file, and THEN putting the value (which you have in a variable) into the clipboard?