Excel script, choosing the odd columns. Help

Hi Scripters!

Here is the challenge for you guys… I have an excel file with one big row of information.


ONE ROW: Name Email Name Email Name Email Name Email Name Email Name Email

I need this:
Column A Column B
ROW: Name Email
ROW: Name Email
ROW: Name Email

Let’s see how much time this simple script will take you :wink:
Help extremely appreciated

Browser: Safari 537.4 AlexaToolbar/alxg-3.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)

One solution, that doesn’t involve scripting, and yet isn’t that complicated, is to :

Choose the address row without the starting column.

Copy it.

Select two columns below, then choose “Paste Special”

Hook of for the transpose columns.

Perform the paste operation.

Mark every even row of the pasted area (nr2,nr4 and so forth).

Finally rightlclick on the last and choose delete.