Excel X to Excel 2008

We finally got Excel 2008, but I’m already missing Excel X because it was recordable, and Excel 2008 broke my Excel-based scripts. :frowning:

I have some code snippets that I can’t figure out how to convert to Excel 2008…and this is before I even get to the fact that even with the revised syntax names, still doesn’t work. One thing at a time, just get it to compile. :stuck_out_tongue:

This one updates an existing chart (the first three lines are easy enough to change the syntax, and are provided to give context to the forth “ExtendSeries” line that I can’t figure out):

“myRange” is a variable, the rest are qualifiers of ExtendSeries.

			Select Sheet "Data Capture"
			set myRange to Range ("A" & (gEndRow + 1) & ",D" & (gEndRow + 1)) of ActiveSheet
			Select Chart "Charting"
			ExtendSeries of every Series of ActiveChart RowOrCol xlColumns Source myRange


Just want to save as an XLSX file without a dialog, which Excel X did this way:

“tempLocation” is a variable, the rest is from Excel X’s dictionary. The “xlNormal” is the part holding me up.

Save ActiveWorkbook In tempLocation As xlNormal

Calvin, if by Excel X, you mean pre-VBA, I understand why you have issues. The link to microsofts developers stuff is.

In 2004, the As argument of save is optional, what happens when you run

Save ActiveWorkbook In tempLocation