EXIF data to date modified

I am getting very frustrated, which I shouldn’t, because I have no experience in AppleScript.

I am trying to create an AppleScript that will read a photo’s EXIF “capture date” (not the “creation date”) and set the capture date to the file’s created date/modified date.

So, lets say I have a photo with the EXIF data:
creation date:“2008:03:23 19:22:54”
capture date:“2008:03:22 17:31:02”

I want to set the file’s “date created” and “date modified” (in Finder) to “2008:03:22 17:31:02” (the capture date).

I have tried scripts that work but use the creation date, not the capture date:

I have tried using iMagine Photo:

I am sure that using these two scripts together will do the trick, but I don’t know enough about AppleScript (which is 0) to do what I want.

Can anyone help?


Your best bet is probably Exiftool. If you search on that term here, you will find a number of scripts that can help you get started.