EXIF keywords

has anyone done any reading/writing of EXIF metadata in image files?
And if so, do they have any advice/code/handholding they could offer?


I have used exiftool. It is pretty simple to understand and quite fast, depending on the size of the files you ask it to modify. It is a command-line driven utility, and I have used the do shell script in AS to automate metadata massage.

Same here, exiftool by Phil Harvey
Is the way to go. I use it, and IMHO its the best tool out there.

Hi Mark and Craig
that’s actually what I’m doing, but I was thinking of trying to do it in my app, since I only need to hit a few tags and they are always the same ones.
I thought I couldmaybe slim down the EXIFizing.

Anyway thanks for the replies


you can add the exiftool folder to your app bundle

also you can use the sips command which comes with os x.
But I find that sips is limited to only some of the tags.
an example is ‘discription’

if their are captions in other tags you will not be able to get them
with sips. caption-abstract and so on…