Existing Program to create a toolbar icon to run an applescript?

Hi, I am relatively new to applescript although I have generated some complex ones and am very pleased. I do not know Java or Xcode etc and am not looking to learn it. What I am trying to do is add a button in the toolbar of an application and the sole purpose would be to run a specific applescript. I have searched high and low and cannot find anything that is simple and straight forward.

What I was hoping existed for OS X Maverick was a program/applescript that asked Name of Icon, Selection of Button Icon, Applescript with location of it, to use when button is selected, program to add button to toolbar.

Does anyone know if this exists or is even possible? I do know you can add as a service and it can be in the contextual menu or the bar at the top but I do not want to do that. My first example is I have removed the send button of a new email. I want to replace it with a macro. This macro will force me to select the account and signitureto send from. This way I never forget to do this. The applescript I wrote to do this works fine. I am currently using TextExpander and when it sees my name it asks me for the account. But I really just want a button.

Any help and/or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks- Jay

Model: OS X Maverick
Browser: Safari 537.78.2
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)

Alas, no on both counts.

The only app that I’m aware of that you can add a toolbar icon to run an AppleScript is Finder. Maybe Yosemite Extensions will allow what you are asking, but its just wishful thinking atm.

Thank you both. Seems like an opportunity. I wish I knew how to code better!


It’s not just a matter of “coding better”. For security reasons, you can’t just go making applications do things they weren’t designed to do. So unless applications have some kind of hooks for this sort of thing, it just can’t be done.

Mail does, via plug-ins, but they’re complex programming exercises, and they tend to break with each update of Mail.

I must say, that I too look forward to the day when Apple finally, if ever, provides such a hook on their menu for users to drop applets on them, that can be run from within the application, with that kind of security restrictions.

Please do file a bug! :slight_smile: