Export multiple movies with Quicktime pro 7 (to wmv)

Hi !
After try to do it by myself I have to accept I’m not a coder and it’s not a good way begin doing something difficult without minimum knowledge

I’m inside a very bad job, I have to export three thousand movies… and I’m doing it manually…

Anyone know how to create a script to export all the movies which are inside a folder to wmv?
Quiktime is running very very fast and I’m happy , but i think some script can do this task for me :wink:

There’s a problem also, I can open 40 or 60 files (movies) at same time, if i try to open more files at same time the system hang and I have to restart it. Once i have files opened I click on one of the movie windows and cmd+E to export and click “ok” button ( quicktime always offer me the last settings and last folder used to export, that’s very useful now) then I press cmd+w to close the window ( the closed movie don’t affect to the exporting process, once I closed the window, the export is still running)

if I could found a solution would be most grateful and really stunned. be out of this problem will give me one or two more life years…this stress is killing me …
Thanks very much!

You might find qt_tools handy for batch conversion. It is a “command line” program, but you could still run it from AppleScript with do shell script if you need use AppleScript.

Another possibility for batch conversion that is is little more GUI-based is QTAmateur.

I’m also trying to export from QT 7 and let the exports run in QT’s separate export window, so that I can have a bunch of exports going on simultaneously, but I can’t figure out how to script an export which uses QT’s separate window.

DId you ever figure how how to do this?