Export open files to illustrator 8

This script exports to to Ill 8, deletes layer 1 and adds icut to front of filename, I have made this up from other scripts as i am not a programmer, Hopefully this is a simple change, But is there a way to add the word icut at the end of the filename before the suffix instead of at the begginning.


– Get a location for the exported files
set targetFolder to choose folder with prompt “Location for exported files”
set targetPath to (targetFolder as Unicode text)

tell application “Adobe Illustrator”
– Turn off user interaction so dialogs don’t cause the script to get stuck
set user interaction level to never interact

--	Count the open documents
set documentCount to count documents

--	Export each open document
repeat with i from 1 to documentCount
	set deleteLayer to "Layer 1"
	delete (every layer of document 1 whose name starts with deleteLayer)
	--	Get the document's name to use for creating a file path to save to
	set documentName to name of document i
	--	Perform the save
	save document i in file (targetPath & "icut " & documentName) as eps ¬
		with options {class:EPS save options, compatibility:Illustrator 8, preview:none, include document thumbnails:false, embed all fonts:false, PostScript:level 2, embed linked files:false, CMYK PostScript:false}
end repeat

end tell

Browser: Safari 525.22
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)