Export Playlist from iTunes

Hi folks.

Just realized iTunes 12 won’t allow me to drag a whole playlist of files into a thumb drive mounted in the Finder.

Any leadership on how to select a playlist and iterate through every item in the selected playlist and copy the source file to a destination?



simple solution

tell application "iTunes"
	if not (exists browser window "iTunes") then return
	set selectedPlaylist to view of browser window "iTunes"
	set trackLocations to location of tracks of selectedPlaylist
end tell
set destinationFolder to choose folder
tell application "Finder" to duplicate trackLocations to destinationFolder

error “Finder got an error: Handler can’t handle objects of this class.” number -10010 from missing value to «class furl»

I tested the script with Yosemite and iTunes 12.
Insert a line

log trackLocations 

before the choose folder line and look into the log window

It seems I’ve solved the main issue.

But good to know that log instruction.