Export Powerpoint Slides as JPGs autonatically

Looking in Powerpoint’s applescript documentation, it doesnt seem that is possible. It allows you to save in almost every format BUT jpg in Automator/Applescript. I just want to write a script to export every slide in a presentation as a jpg, I dont even necessarily have to specify a resolution. Does anyone know of any sort of trick to getting this to work?

anyone? :frowning:

Hi creinhardt

Best as I can figure their are a couple of ways to do this, one is to GUI script what your after or use the “do Visual Basic” command, below is what ive managed to come up with but PowerPoint keeps throwing this error “PowerPoint found an error that it cannot correct.”, I tested using PPT 11.3.5, any ideas?

tell application “Microsoft PowerPoint”
do Visual Basic “ActivePresentation.Export Path:="Macintosh HD:Users:YOU:Desktop:Test.ppt", FilterName:="jpg"”
end tell