Exporting an App from Xcode 4

Hi Guys,
I searched the forum and didn’t find it, but I am trying to create my app in Xcode 4 and they have changed enough where I have not idea how to turn it into an app that others can use. Any threads, links or advice would be greatly appreciated.

At the moment, the best you can do is plough through the Xcode 4 documentation. I’m updating my book for it, but I’m well behind schedule…

Release is now equivalent to Product>Archive , then look in the relevant section of the organiser, if that is what you meant???

Thank you for the reply. Yes, after some searching, I went to Product>Archive and sure enough a screen comes up to share and I shared it to the desktop and there it was.

Thank you.

Shane, I know there is some much more to it, so I look forward to your amended book.

For the record I hate it but it does seem to give users more advanced options.