Exporting as QuickTime media link

I want to do a droplet where I drop movies and Quicktime converts them to reference files, I assume media link is the same. But I don’t remember how things are done in applescript, this is how far I’ve gotten so far.

tell QuickTime
export as QuickTime media link
end tell
-- use QuickTime to convert to various formats without having Pro
set {targetFormatList, targetSufixList} to {{"AIFF", "AVI", "BMP", "DV stream", "Fast Start QTVR Movie", "FLC", "hinted movie", "image sequence", "interframe compressed VR object movie", "iTunes", "MuLaw", "MPEG2", "MPEG4", "picture", "QuickTime media link", "QuickTime movie", "QuickTime TeXML", "standard MIDI", "System 7 sound", "text file", "ThreeGPP", "wave"}, {".aif", ".avi", ".BMP", ".dv", "", ".flc", ".mov", "", "", ".m4v", "", ".mp2", ".mp4", ".pct", ".qtl", ".mov", ".xml", ".mid", "", ".txt", ".3gp", ".wav"}}
set {aFile, deskPath, myTargetFormat, overwrite} to {choose file, path to desktop as Unicode text, choose from list targetFormatList, false}

if false is not myTargetFormat then
	set myTargetFormat to myTargetFormat's first item
	repeat with formatIndex from 1 to count targetFormatList
		if myTargetFormat = targetFormatList's item formatIndex then exit repeat
	end repeat
	tell application "Finder" to set {prefix, sufix} to {name, name extension} of aFile
	set theNewName to (text 1 through -((count sufix) + 2) of prefix) & targetSufixList's item formatIndex
	set theNewPathName to deskPath & theNewName
	set theNewPathName to (choose file name with prompt "Please enter new name for exported file" default name theNewName default location path to desktop) as Unicode text
	set overwrite to true
		tell application "QuickTime Player"
			open aFile
			tell front movie
				if (run script "tell application \"QuickTime Player\"
				tell front movie to can export as " & myTargetFormat & "
				end tell") then
					export to theNewPathName as myTargetFormat replacing overwrite
					display dialog "Can't export to that format: " & myTargetFormat buttons {"OK"} default button 1 giving up after 11
				end if
				close saving no
			end tell
		end tell
	on error eMsg number eNum
		if -48 = eNum then
			display dialog eMsg & " 00ps,  I  don't want to / " & eNum giving up after 12
			display dialog eMsg & " / " & eNum giving up after 12
		end if
	end try
end if

I’m looking for a way to build the list of available formats (targetFormatList) dynamicaly.

I don’t thnink that QuickTime media link is the same as a reference movie.

Maybe you should learn more about QickTime.