Exporting photoshop channel info - help Please***

just checking to see if anybody has come across any script that will extract the data from photoshop - for filemaker!!!

i have got some of the commands to work but am struggling to get the (spot channel info out) - for instance the image has CMYK (which is fine - i can extract CMYK or RGB or Grayscale thats fine)but i need the extra channels i.e + a spot channel (PMS 485) - i have had a look within photoshop but cannot find anywhere to extract the additional channels - any suggestions would much appreciated!!!



Are you just wanting a listof names for FMP? if so you may try like this.

tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS2"
	set Doc_Ref to the current document
	tell Doc_Ref
		set Spot_Names to {}
		set Spot_Channels to (every channel whose kind is spot color channel)
		repeat with Spot_Channel in Spot_Channels
			if Spot_Names does not contain name of Spot_Channel then
				set end of Spot_Names to name of Spot_Channel
			end if
		end repeat
		return Spot_Names
	end tell
end tell


thant works a treat - cannot thank you enough - your a genious…



" a much better person for a little bit of script ":cool: