Extensis Suitcase Font Set Creation

All I want to do is use Extensis Suitcase X1 to

  1. create a temporary font set;
  2. add a few font references to it to access from Quark;
  3. delete the font set.

Simple enough, but naturally I have problems. I’m trying:

property fontPath: "Macintosh HD:System:Library:Fonts:"

tell application "Extensis Suitcase X1"
set tempFontSet to make new Font Set with properties {name:"Temp01"}

-- <silly attempts>
add reference (fontPath & "Courier") to tempFontSet
add reference (fontPath & "Courier") to Font Set tempFontSet
--...many more...
-- </silly attempts>
end tell

The font set is created, but most of these “add reference” commands produce the message “alias System:Library:Fonts:Courier” of application “Extensis Suitcase X1” doesn’t understand the «event ScFesali» message."

Can someone set me straight please? Thanks very much…

Hi dant

I know this is suitcase fusion but should work the same in X1"

tell application "Finder"
	set t to choose folder without invisibles
	set n to files of t's entire contents as alias list
end tell

tell application "Suitcase Fusion"
	set tempFontSet to make new Font Set with properties {name:"Temp01"}
	add n in tempFontSet
	set the activation status of tempFontSet to activated temporarily
	---set the activation status of tempFontSet to deactivated
	--delete tempFontSet
end tell

just uncomment the other lines if you need them

So simple! Thanks Pidge1 . . . as always I’m making it too hard. I just assumed “add reference” would be more efficient for a lot of fonts so I pigheadedly stuck with that.

Thanks again!

  • Dan