Extra Suites 1.0 released

Hello all…

Extra Suites offer 70 new commands for AppleScripters using OS X
Extra Suites is a background scripting application which contains over 70 commands for AppleScripters using OSX. Commands include:

  • Move and click mouse
  • Autotype text (type key using command, etc)
  • System info, computer info, screen info
  • String commands (hex to string, sort strings, etc.)
  • Interface commands (display message, progress)
  • Activate/deactivate font
  • Plus many more…

Freely distribute scripts written for Extra Suites to end users
Registered users can distribute run-only scripts for free use by unregistered end users. End users won’t have to pay for Extra Suites to use scripts written by registered users. By adding one line of code to scripts, Extra Suites will run as if registered on any machine.

Go to http://www.kanzu.com for more on Extra Suites, or download directly from:

David L.

This is a sweet suite that will become a must-have for many scripters.

Well done Dave! 8)

Can Extra suites accomidate this?

set theFolder to list folder "Macintosh HD1:Users:jbradfield:Desktop:" as alias
set thestring to item 1 of theFolder --desktop
tell application "Adobe® Photoshop® 6.0.1"
	do script "New Image" --> this makes a new doc could be any program
	tell application "Extra Suites"
		type string thestring --> this gives the file the name of thestring
	end tell
end tell

i would probably tell PS to make new doc with properties name:thestring but the dictionary won’t allow it

Joe Bradfield,

It should accommodate it, and for good measure, I tried it here.
It seems you were running a classic application in OS X.

Here’s my adaptation of your script:

–set theFolder to list folder (path to desktop)

set desktopFolder to path to desktop
tell application “Finder” to set theFolder to displayed name of files of desktopFolder

set theString to item 1 of theFolder

tell application “Adobe Photoshop™ 3.0.5” to activate

tell application “Extra Suites”
type key “n” with command – raise “new” dialog
type string theString
type key “enter”
end tell

I used the finder to get the list of files to avoid listing invisible files
(get info without invisibles isn’t perfect on OS X)

This script worked well for me.


David Lloyd.