Extra suites registration ...


I bought David Lloyd’s «Extra Suites» through Kagi. They sent me a registration number and a script to register it. I tried it many times and I am unable to register. I wrote to Kagi and David Lloyd many times and got no answer.

While «Extra Suites» works great, not being recognize as registered leaves me with a front-most window reminding me all-the-time to register.

Anybody has a clue how to get rid of that window ?

Thanks in advance.


This is the script I used to register Extra Suites. Substitute your name and registration number. I made Extra Suites a Log In item so it is always running. Good Luck.

tell application "Extra Suites"
	if (ES register "Your Name" with 12345678) then
		set dialogText to "Extra Suites registration successful."
		set dialogText to "Extra Suites registration failed."
	end if
	ES play AIFF alias "DiskA:System:Library:Sounds:Glass.aiff"
	display dialog dialogText buttons {"OK"} default button "OK" giving up after 5
end tell

Hi billearl,

Excuse me for the delay … I missed your reply. I got an «Extra Suites registration failed» message with your script.


Robert Lespérance