extract data from dynamic webpage


i was wandering how (if possible) i can extract the odds data on this page:


i’m not sure if it is possible but if it is that would be great.

i will need all 12 odds figures.



Hi, James!

You can extract almost anything from a web page, but I can’t see such figures in the link, but a red “SUSPENDED”…

sorry it must have been because the dow jones has now closed. here is a link for another page.


to get this page to work you have to go to www.betfair.com

then go to financial bets

then FTSE

then daily bets, then daily up or down.

or in fact choose any page it is not the page i’m worried about it is the fact that the odds displayed are not HTML but are dynamic using some sort of javascript or something more complex.



Oh! I see… Lots of javascripting… But, unfortunatelly, I am not able to see the page… I’ve tried Safari, IE, Netscape, & Camino, but I only see a blank page…
Wait! Omniweb lets me see anything… A header and two empty arrows-columns? And a column with a little “refresh” button and a text below a column called “MARKET: WIN ONLY MARKET”

Tried, too, Dow Jones and MPC, but I see the same data… What browser do you use? Or maybe I must be a registered member to see the stuff?

i use internet explorer!

just go to www.betfair.com choose anything from the left navigation, then in the middle you should see lots of ‘buttons’ with odds on them - three in one colour and three in the other. if you want to see you source for that page do not click view…source. right click on the page where the odds are (anywhere blank on that page) and click view source.

but i’m sure it is impossible to get the data from this page. the source code is massive ly long and it is dynamic information.

if you can help, please please do.

otherwise not to worry.



Sorry, but I can’t see nothing (IE 5.2.3)…

I click, eg, “Cycling>Tour de France>Winners Team”, then I see a completely blank page… I can see its source, but all I see is a blank page loading with javascript errors… And after some extra clicks in the left menu, IE crashes…

Maybe browsing the site with a PC would help… :cry:

Works like a charm in a IE 5.5 using VPC!

I’ve seen all the stuff and this is my conclussion: since you can access all methods, I guess you can retrieve all the info making thousands of text manipulations, BUT: since the programmer of betfair is absolutelly crazy, you could waste weeks ellaborating a VERY BIG script to fit your needs…

Of course, you’d learn lots of javascripting and applescript… 8)

Sorry, but I can’t help you at this point… As you said, “it is impossible” in terms of time… (unless you have lots of time in your pocket :wink: )


so basically to extract the odds from one of the pages would just take so long thus it is not worth it?

thanks for all your help anyway,