Extracting Date From Email Body

Hi guys,

i hope somebody can help me.

I have thousand emails with a form with user data (name last name city budget etc.), i need to extract all the data in the body. I already tried so many different Scripts, but i was able to extract just the email. Can somebody know how to extract all the data?

Please can you suggest me a script???

Thank you so much,

Stefano Belli


Welcome to Macscripter.

You probably didn’t have any responses yet because this forum is geared towards helping people with problems with their code, and you didn’t post any code.

All the data in each email came from the same form, so the formatting is standardized?

If you post some examples of what the emails look like, it’s possible someone here will help you with custom code. But it’s hard for us to even do that if you don’t let us know what the existing input or desired output are.