Extracting EXIF data in Photoshop

Hey all, I’m looking for the simplest way to extract some EXIF data from a file that is open in Photoshop CS4. I can’t find any sample code for this that works in CS4 as they changed the way the data is structured. Has anyone got any sample code to do that?

Do you mean opened in Photoshop CS4 or created with Photoshop CS4.?

What Exif data do you need.
What exactly has change and how?
What was you using before. and how.

I do not have cs4 but answering these questions may give someone the right info to respond to your request.

The files have been opened in CS4, but created elsewhere.
What I am after is the ISO value, but extra bonus points for a solution that can extract any requested EXIF item
This is a new script; I have not done this before. So I can’t give you any previous code. I’ve adapted soem code that uses EXIFTool, but that’s not a good solution; I’d like to do this in Photoshop if possible.

is this sufficient?

set EXIFList to ""
tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS3" to set EXIFdata to EXIF of info of document 1
repeat with oneItem from 1 to (count EXIFdata)
	tell item oneItem of EXIFdata to set EXIFList to EXIFList & item 1 & tab & item 2 & return
end repeat
display dialog EXIFList