Extracting individual lines of text from a textedit document

Im looking to make an Automator script that will put my schedule in ical.
my schedule comes in a PDF and right now i have it set to export to a plain text file.
and once exported there are 4 lines throughout the schedule (month schedule/1 week per line)
the line will start with the employee name then have each day from saturday to friday

Other employee ------------------------------------------------------>
Joe .B 10-6 (8) 9-5 (8)----------skip a couple days-----------> 10-6 (8)
other employee ------------------------------------------------------>

So i want it to find the the line with my name and make an ical event named with the hours to be worked and do that for each day in the week. then find line 2 in the same PDF and make all the iCal events, then line 3 and so on …

Any ideas?