EyeTV error

Why these dont work?

tell application "EyeTV" to set stationname to station name of currently playing channel
tell application "EyeTV" to set currenttitle to title of currently playing channel
tell application "EyeTV" to set currentdesc to description of currently playing description

Hi cirno,

in EyeTV’s dictionary there is neither a property currently playing channel nor currently playing description

Hi, i know that, but since i’m really bad in scripting, i dont know how to solve this and how to get those 3 information from EyeTV. There is “current channel”. Thanks

I would like to know also is EyeTV currently recording or not.

Elgato has documented their AppleScript capabilities in their documentation:


Q: Can I use AppleScript to control EyeTV?
A: Yes, EyeTV is fully AppleScriptable. A document which details the syntax, “EyeTV and AppleScript”, is available on the EyeTV CD-ROM or documentation download.



I did go thru that pdf-file but my programming skills are so bad that i still cannot solve this problem. Txs

The pdf mentioned my macman is a very good documentation, all properties are described, and there are a few examples

station name, title and description are properties of a recording or a program, but not of a channel.
On my machine all station names of the recordings are just an empty string.
The current playing window is always player_window 1

maybe this helps you

tell application "EyeTV"
	set stationname to name of player_window 1
	-- get recordings whose title is in stationname -- doesn't work :(
	repeat with i from 1 to count recordings
		tell recording i
			if title is in stationname then
				set {currentdesc, currenttitle} to {description, title}
				exit repeat
			end if
		end tell
	end repeat
end tell

New EyeTV 2.4 has new AppleScript commands. Does those help to find out if EyeTV is currently recording or not?

And i’m still looking for a way to get these:

station name of currently playing channel¨title of currently playing channel¨description of currently playing channel

This is already possible at least since EyeTV 2.0

tell application "EyeTV"
	if (get recordings whose busy is true) is {} then display dialog "No current recordings"
end tell

This it not possible, not even in V 2.4.

Thanks. There is small problem with that. If i go Recordings category and open recording using contextual menu by selecting “Edit” then that script tells that EyeTV is recording even it is not?

The property is “busy” not “is recording”.
I think, EyeTV sets “busy” to true, whenever the recording is in use