FaceSpan vs. AppleScript Studio

hey all – i’ve been using facespan for a while and there’s no osx version yet; is applescript studio a lot harder? or is it pretty much the same? it’s looks great and i’d like to use it

I can’t really comment on FaceSpan… as I haven’t used it… but AppleScript Studio is simple as hell =) It is all just AppleScript code operating everything. I plan on writing an overview of how AppleScript Studio really works, the objects idea and the event sending idea. It’s really more of an AppleScript overview, but it more closely relates to AppleScript Studio.

at the risk of sounding utterly stupid… is there a separate application called AppleScript Studio or is it just functionality built into Project Builder? after installing the Dec. 2001 dev tools update, i noticed a directory for AS Studio but no app. eh? i really haven’t mucked around with Project Builder enough to say much about it yet.

It’s exactly that. The title “AppleScript Studio” is actually just an indication that AppleScript as a language, the code, will compile in Project Builder.

I’ve always felt Apple should better convey this.

As for ease of use, well, there is more of a curve between FaceSpan and AStudio. I’ve used both and I’m compelled to say that not all FaceSpan vets will find AStudio “easy as hell”. Sure, compared to full objective-C, it’s simple. But it’s not as easy as most of us FaceSpan users might like.

However, it’s difficulty is not at all insurmountable.

I’ll still be purchasing FaceSpan 4.0 when it comes available. I think they’ll both be valuable tools in the same toolbox.

I agree about the naming confusion. When I first installed the developer CD, I saw the folder for Applescript Studio. I COULD NOT find the application. After some digging around, reading various docs, and just plain puttin’ it all together, I realised that AS Studio is NOT an app, but added capabilities to PB and IB. I have been scripting for a few years and I am looking forward to gaining a better understanding of PB. The learning curve does seem to be a bit steeper than plain Applescript. But I think it will be worth it.