fast opening of directory informations for QuarkXpress

If I choose open directory in script editor and wait patiently for xx minutes, until all my disks and serverdiscs are scanned for applications, Quark is not in the list, but if I there activate the browse modus and choose Quark, the directory opens without problem.
For most other programs the following script works (much faster):

set myfile to choose file
tell application “Script Editor” to open myfile

This does not work if I choose QuarkXpress 6.
It produces an error, that tells me the program is not scriptable.

Does anybody know any fast way of opening the directory informations for QuarkXpress in Scripteditor?

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do. If you’re trying to launch an application from within a script or Script Editor you could use the “activate” command (see below). I agree that if Script Editor is forced to look for an app, it takes its goofy window all day to create a list of applications. And the Quark application never shows up in mine either.

However, you almost never have to use that. The easist thing to do is to just make sure you have the apps you need running before you start monkeying with scripts that call them.

tell application “name of application”
end tell

Try the following script on OSX

set myfile to ((path to applications folder as text) & “”) as alias
tell application “Script Editor” to open myfile

It will open the directory of iTunes in Skripteditor.
The same procedure does not work with Quark.

Which procedure does?