Fast way to update scripts when a library changes


This is just a description of a simple technique for updating your scripts when you change your libraries.

The motivation is twofold: to provide you with a simple way to update your libraries, in case you haven’t thought this one out, and as a side-effect remove reluctancy to change libraries.

It goes as follows: you search for “kind osa: your_library_name” in Spotlight. then you open a window that shows all results. This gives you an opportunity to select the files you wish to open and recompile.

Then you run a simple AppleScript from your script menu, that gets the selection from the front finder window, and opens, compiles, saves, and closes the files one by one with AppleScript Editor.

I know this isn’t as fancy as using make or anything, but it is a lot faster than manually opening your scripts and recompiling them.
Many of us have also figured out this already, maybe a long time ago, I just write this just in case. :slight_smile: