faster way to move files?

I have a script here, but it’s very slow to move the file. Can someone tell me a faster way to move the files from point a to point b?

tell application "Finder"
	set myWorkFolder to name of every folder of folder "g1:art department 2:work files2" whose name does not start with " "
	set myDataFileList to name of every file in folder "Datafile:DigitalPress"
	set myNumberOfFiles to number of items in myDataFileList
	set myDestination to folder "Archive_2016" of folder "Datafile:DigitalPress:ARCHIVED DATA FILES" as string
	set M to {}
	set myWorkNumbers to {}
	repeat with k in myWorkFolder
		set tempNum to characters 1 thru 6 of k as string
		--display dialog tempNum
		set myWorkNumbers's end to tempNum
	end repeat
	repeat with i in myDataFileList
		set myDataFileNum to characters 1 thru 6 of i as string
		--display dialog "JobNum: " & item 1 of myWorkNumbers & "      DataFileNum: " & myDataFileNum
		if myDataFileNum is not in myWorkNumbers then
			move file i of folder "Datafile:DigitalPress" to myDestination
			--display dialog "moved file"
			display dialog "cannot move file" & myDataFileNum
		end if
	end repeat
	display dialog myJobNum
end tell


Use the shell to move files, using pure applescript is way too slow.

I am positive their is a post on here about moving files that explains the process of using “Do Shell Script” along with the “mv” command line command to move files.