FastScripts 1.1 Released!

Hi everybody. I got some great feedback from you all after releasing FastScripts 1.0 a couple months ago. I wanted to let you know that I’ve released a new version with some of the great suggestions you had implemented as new features!

The big new features are:

  • Application-specific script support
  • Keyboard modifiers for revealing or editing a script
  • Automatic synchronization with your script directories.

Please let me know if you like the new stuff, and keep the suggestions coming for future updates.


This is an excellent update! Thanks Daniel!

Definitivelly, a must-have… Congratulations!

I’ll renew my last-version feedback. I know it may be difficult, but I think this would be a great feature: adding user-configurable keyboard-shortcuts to individual scripts, as the oldie OSA Menu. Eg, if you press command + option + *, it will be executed the script called “About Finder Scripts…” (as you assigned previously)…

Great work! :wink:

I am very happy about the App-specific menu Feature, thanks for implementing this! Now it IS my ScriptMenu.

I really like the Shift- and the Alt-click option, very nice idea!

But, of course, there is a but: Is it possible to make the “Folder Action Scripts” Folder invisible? It only exists, if one activated Folder Actions, so not everybody will mind. But maybe tomorrow I am happy to easily access my Folder Action Scripts…

Thanks, Daniel!

=> This app is really RECOMMENDED !

Thanks, Starbuck. I’m glad you’re enjoying the new features.

I think for the next version I might offer a way to configure a list of file/folder names that will be ignored by FastScripts. That would probably address your concern about the Folder Actions item showing up.