FastScripts 3 is now available

Hi folks! I know there are some long-time FastScripts fans in the forum so I wanted to make sure you are aware of a major new upgrade to FastScripts which supports new features including parallel execution of scripts, searching the script menu, showing script progress, and more. You can read more about the update here:


Congratulations! Nice upgrade :slight_smile:

Thanks, Shane!!

This looks fantastic. The parallel processing with progress indicators and script stop buttons will be really handy. We’ll try it out and I hope we’ll upgrade all users soon.



Ah, I didn’t see it requires 10.15 or newer… we’re mostly on Mojave, so we’ll need to get users past that first.

Is there still a URL to download the last version of Fastscripts 2.x? We’re going to to need to keep installing that until we’re past Mojave.


FastScripts officially requires 10.15 but I left 10.14 support enabled for anybody who wants to give it a try. At some point during 3.0 development I ran into an issue that made me think I didn’t want to fully support 10.14, but unfortunately I can’t remember it right now. Might have been some visual glitch that you could live with if it doesn’t bother you.

You can download the latest FastScripts 2.x here:


Great, thanks Daniel. Appreciate the link.

Fastscripts is mission-critical for us, so I think we’ll wait to go to 3 until we’re past Mojave. We hope to be there soon.

FastScripts 3 crashes miserably on M3 Mac. Tried all available versions… they ALL crash so I’ve yet to see if this software has anything to offer. It scores ZERO from me at the moment !!

Edit : Daniel’s prompt reply has made me want to modify my comment, made in a wave of frustration! The software seems very comprehensive and much worthwhile for ardent Applescripters, which is not really my case. I can’t really judge it myself but you really can’t fault the customer service !

Hi Fred - could you share any more details about how it is crashing? If you’d prefer to share details privately you can always contact me at Thanks for taking a look at the app and I’m sorry (and surprised! it rarely ever crashes for anybody) it’s not working more reliably.


Hi Daniel. Thanks for your prompt reply. I’m afraid I can’t give you anymore information as I. threw FastScripts away in frustration. I don’t think I use enough AppleScript for it to very useful to me anyway. I did read over the docs and I can quite see how avid AppleScripters could find this very useful and seeing your reactivity, I can give a 10/10 for customer service !
I may come back to this at some later date, but for now, I think I’ll pass.
Thanks again.

Thanks for letting me know.