Feeling dumb about strings, stringByDeletingLastPathComponent

Tried doing a search on this but little useful has turned up. Maybe the holiday cookies have made my brain slow. I am trying to get the path to the Resources folder of my app.

on awakeFromNib()		
		set appPath to (POSIX path of (path to resource "English.lproj"))
		set appPath2 to appPath's stringByDeletingLastPathComponent
		tell me to log appPath2

The appPath is good, but I get this kind of output on the console: Can’t get stringByDeletingLastPathComponent of “/Users/chris.paveglio/Chris Stuff/xCode Builds etc/Debug/ID Script Runner.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/”. (error -1728)

What am I missing? String should work, eh?
I’d like to get back “/Users/chris.paveglio/Chris Stuff/xCode Builds etc/Debug/ID Script Runner.app/Contents/Resources”
I’ve read some other posts that include a function of the same name, but I want to limit this to “real” obj-c methods.


“designated” solution

set resourcesPath to current application's NSBundle's mainBundle's resourcePath()

Fantastic, thanks.