Figuring out what keys are pressed

Hey! I just wanted to know if anyone had a simple way to figure out what buttons on the keyboard are currently down. There’s probably a simple way, I just don’t know it yet, any answers would be appreciated, thanks!

Model: Macbook
Browser: Safari 533.21.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

From what I know this is no simple task. Your best bet would be 3rd party software. If any native system was capable of this it would be the System Events. Alternatively a terminal program may be able to return the currently pressed item, if it’s a stay open after the keystroke one, look up pipes. There’s a way to output data to a text file. I can’t see anything at the moment, I may look into this farther later but like I say, this isn’t the sort of thing applescript is normally used for.

Thanks! I’ll try it