File/Folder Modification

Posted this in the Apple Forums, but thought I’d post it here too…

I’ve seen many scripts for giving an alert for when files are added to a folder, using a folder action. What I want to do is something similar, but with file modification date as the thing that triggers the script not the addition of a file. I am using growl, but I assume that part would be the same. Just for reference I have add file to folder script from the Growl site:

on adding folder items to this_folder after receiving added_items
tell application “Finder”
– get the name of the folder
set the folder_name to the name of this_folder

– get names of the added files
set theFiles to “”
repeat with theFile in added_items
set theFiles to theFiles & return & (displayed name of theFile as text)
end repeat
end tell

– figure out the phrasology of the notification
set the item_count to the number of items in the added_items
if the item_count is greater than 1 then
set plurality to “s”
set have_verb to “have”
set plurality to “”
set have_verb to “has”
end if

– build notification text
set theTitle to “New File” & plurality & " in " & the folder_name
set theText to (the item_count as text) & " item" & plurality & " " & have_verb & " been added:" & theFiles

– rawr!
doFolderActionGrowl(“New Item”, theTitle, theText, this_folder)

end try
end adding folder items to

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.